Integrity Communications

Be real, get results


Your customers are savvy about design, architecture, real estate values. They cherish their friends, and family. They love the city and all it has to offer, but sometimes struggle with urban issues, like affordability and traffic.

I can help you communicate how much you understand their problems, challenges, needs and desires through:

  • newsletters delivered to customers inboxes with stunning photography, crisp clean copy, compelling and relevant stories
  • newspaper stories about your company’s products, services and ideas
  • lively website copy that tells the story of your company and its brand
  • case Studies to put your success stories in the public eye
  • thorough, researched White Papers to increase your company’s credibility
  • news releases targeted to the right media
  • writing workshops for your team

Rates: I prefer to work on a per-job basis, but can also work hourly. Rates depend on the size of job, turnaround times, number of people reviewing the work, and how much background research is required.

Let’s discuss what you need: 416-694-4941 or (cell) 647-530-4738,


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